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Why train? With so many options how can you decide what training regimen suits you?

Why train? What are your perceptions of violence? Are you capable of welding the tool of violence should the situation call for it?

People have different reasons for training. Some do it for physical conditioning. Some do it for sport. Many do it over a perceived fear. At Guard Well, when it comes to fighting for your life with your hands, we follow the teachings of Chris Ranck-Buhr, founder and creator of Injury Dynamics based in San Diego, and we train for how to visit violence on another human being. Serial violence actually. The thought of that is slightly uncomfortable for the sane citizen--and so it should be. But in a violent encounter, the one who wields the greatest violence, wins. Criminals and sociopathic killers know this inherently. For the average citizen, we have to learn it and hone our intent.

The attachment is by Chris, and he lays out why he teaches what he teaches. Grab a coffee or glass of wine (depending on the time of day) and delve into why and how Chris teaches violence in the manner that he does. Figure out if it aligns with your goals. You might be surprised.


Nice Ideas That Get People Killed
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