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How will you react in the worst 15 seconds of the worst day of your life?  Sometimes just a few seconds of forethought can mean the difference between staying above dirt or finding a place six feet under.

Guard Well Defense, LLC offers self-defense training classes through videos and training classes as described below.


Note: Due to COVID-19, in-person training is on hold, but live training classes through Zoom can be arranged. Please contact us to schedule a Zoom training class for you and a partner.

All-Access Gold Membership Plan: One-time fee will give you access to all training videos, a Gold Member Forum, supplemental training videos and notifications when we have new content available. We now also offer a reduced cost Blue Membership for Law Enforcement Officers and their families. Become a Gold Member!

Details About Our Classes and Videos

Fight scene - Combatives for Women self-defense training

Combatives for Women

Highly Effective for Women of all ages.

Based largely on the teachings of Chris Ranck-Buhr, founder of Injury Dynamics in San Diego CA, Combatives for women focuses on easy to learn but effective fighting methods.  We will first look at violence in an academic sense to examine what works and then learn the methods that can give a 90 lb woman the advantage over a 250 lb aggressor and will focus on countering common  assaults on women such as grabs and pins.  We will also discuss mind set, common sense defensive measures, situational awareness, and improvised weapons.   Small group lessons are possible (2-3 people).     The course of instruction is about 5-6 hours and sessions can be split into 1-3 sessions if desired. Cost  for personal instruction is $295 per person.   By the end of the training you will have the knowledge, confidence, and basic skills to defend yourself in a deadly force encounter.  If you are not satisfied, we will gladly refund your tuition.  This course is available in video.   On-line training (two persons for the price of one) is possible  at $25/session (contact for details).   Post COVID training available!

Basic Combatives

This course of instruction takes basic principals from several fighting styles and breaks it down into an efficient, lethal, and easy to use system.

Whether you are a teen, a retiree-or anything in between, you don't have to be a victim.  This course of private instruction draws heavily on the teachings of Chris Ranck-Buhr, founder of Injury Dynamics in San Diego CA and selected elements of Wing Chun and other styles.  The goal is to teach you effective means to prevail in a deadly force encounter. Safe to train and proven effective. Additional private training sessions available. Course of instruction is about 5 to 6 hours and can be taken in one day or broken down into 2-3 sessions.   If not completely satisfied, we will gladly refund your tuition.


Cost is $295.  The video course is now available as is on-line training.  

Fight scene -Basic Combatives self-defense training
Fight Scene - Blades & Improvised Weapons training

Blades and Improvised Weapons

Guaranteed to Master Basics in a Day.

This course of instruction draws from the teachings of Scott Babb, creator of the Libre Knife Fighting System and elements of Sayoc Kali and Injury Dynamics.  Learn how to use a knife offensively when your life depends on it.  Then apply the same principals to improvised weapons - everyday items that can be lethal if used offensively.   In addition, we will cover the pros and cons of concealed carry for knives and improvised weapons.


This training complements combatives.  Class length is 3 hours.  Cost is $150.  Video course is now available.  Interested in on-line training during the COVID lockdown?  Please contact us.

Street Smarts for Students and Business Persons

Raise your Situational Awareness

Designed for students, business people, or anyone with an interest in self-protection.  This course of instruction has two parts and looks at raising your situational awareness - the key to avoiding most problems.  In part I we will look at common pitfalls and lessons learned from the mistakes of others.  In part II, we will walk through urban terrain in Richmond, VA and look at some common sense precautions and actions to take if something causes you alarm on the street.  We will also discuss options for improvised weapons and how to use them.  This course goes well with Combatives.  Course length is approximately 3 hours for both sessions + travel time to Richmond.  Private Instruction.  Cost is $225.  


****This course is currently on hold pending the end of the COVID-19 lockdown for Virginia.****

Fight Scene - Street Smarts self-defense training
Home Defense - self-defense training from home intruders

Home Defense

Your Home is your safe haven.  Maximize it's Strength.

A home can be your haven or your tomb in the event of a home intrusion.  We will look at simple, cost effective means to enhance the security of your home. Topics will include technical security measures; weapon considerations; and family drills.  We will do a walk-through of your home and have a firm plan by the end.  Approximately 2 hours.  Cost is $265.  


**A free video version is now available in our Video Instruction Page and a PDF  document is available in the Blog. 


** On-line consultation is possible.  Please contact for details.

Basic Glock Pistol Video Course 

Basic Firearms Training

This course is for beginners and  offered as a free video.  It covers safety and the fundamentals of marksmanship with Glock pistols.  We will also cover; mindset; drawing from the holster; concealed carry options; home storage and concealment devices.    

Basic Glock Pistol video course
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