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Ramming another Car

it's a nightmare scenario, you are driving when another vehicle cuts you off and stops in front of you, forcing you to stop. Three armed men emerge from the vehicle...what to do? If no one is behind you, you could reverse and do a "J turn" to get out of dodge. If you are blocked by car

behind you you could accelerate in reverse and push that car. out of the way--but then you run the risk of the three armed men from in front catching up with you. A good option (if you are at least a car length away) is to ram the vehicle in front of you (preferably while one or more of your attackers is half way out). If the vehicle is perpendicular to you like in the illustration, (they are offering you a gift) and you simply aim your wheel at the wheel well of your target vehicle as this will facilitate pushing it out of the way rather than getting mutually stuck.

The key is to put the accelerator to the floor and when you make impact, don't let off the gas--keep it going. This rather satisfying video demonstrates this very tactic. You will notice that in this instance, the cars were not perpendicular to each other, and the would-be victim merely gunned the accelerator and smashed the vehicle in front of him and did not let up until he was free and clear.


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