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Happy New Year...Why would you want to know how to visit violence upon another human being?

Happy New Year! It has been a strange couple of years and society has gone through a variety of machinations--almost none of them good. Murder rates and assaults have skyrocketed in major cities across the country. Pandemics and political unrest seem to travel well together. If you have any interest in the topics presented on this site, then you are likely interested in self-protection, or in other words, how to deliver lethal force; to deliver violence upon another human being.

But why? Perhaps you have safety concerns, have experienced crime as victim or know someone who has. Or simply want to have alternatives in a worst case scenario. Chris Ranck-Buhr, the creator of Injury Dynamics, states that the primary reason is "to clearly draw the line between what should be expected to kill the person, and what, in general, won't...debilitating injury is the only thing that means anything in violence, so we train to smash, crush, rupture, break, and dislocate or otherwise ruin parts of the body that have important jobs to do...we show you how to do these things so you know where the line is."

Understanding where that line is and knowing how to cross it when necessary--is liberating. And just about anyone can learn how. It is better to have the knowledge and never use it--than to wish you knew how in a time of need. Or in the words of the Roman philosopher, Syrus "Fear, not kindness, restrains the wicked." Be well in the year ahead.

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