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Structure in Striking

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

How can a 90 lb woman defeat a 200 lb man? She needs to put her body weight into her strike. That way she is striking with 90 pounds of force against a weak target like the eyes; throat; or groin. In Injury Dynamics, we always strike through or past our target. This means stepping through or past the feet of your antagonist as you strike. Think of completing the triangle (if the feet of your antagonist constitute the base of the triangle you want to complete the triangle by stepping behind/through his feet. The deeper the better. At the same time, keep the back foot flat back leg straight, bend the front knee ("bend the knee" for GOT fans); spine straight. If the back foot is not flat you run the risk of getting rocking back when you strike and therefore losing power in your hit. #defense; #combatives; #guardwelldefense

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