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What kind of a man strikes a woman? Apparently, former NFL player Zac Stacey does.

Former NFL player Zac Stacey mercilessly beat his ex-girlfriend on camera. As of a day ago, he remained free after posting a $10K bail. Given the video evidence, this fact alone is shocking beyond belief. Despite "progressive" society's attempts to equalize the sexes, I find the act of violence against a woman particularly reprehensible and a justice system that tolerates this behavior--wanting.

Dealing with a topic like domestic violence far exceeds a blog post or 5 minute "how to" video. Fighting for your life against a stranger is one thing, but fighting against someone you once (or still) have feelings for, is quite another--mentally. The act of imparting injury is the same. But you have to be willing, and once you commit, prosecute your attack fully.

In this video, with humility and respect for the victim, we will look at what Kristi Evans did well, and a couple of things she might have done had she been willing and able against a very formidable antagonist who was bigger, faster, and stronger, and had worked himself into a rage.

With a firearm, the bullet does the kinetic damage for us. When we only have our hands, we have to to create that kinetic damage ourselves. This requires basic knowledge of where and how to strike the human body to effect damage, and perhaps even more importantly, the will to do so. Sure, it's easier said than done, but it's better to have options than none.

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Nov 27, 2021

I agree with you, Rob, that visualization is vital. It also helps us to see the tactics put in motion slowly. Thanks for the clear demos!

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