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What can be more onerous than cleaning your weapon?

What can be more onerous than cleaning your weapon? Almost nothing. I think my Marine Corps years left me permanently scarred. We would clean our rifles for hours only to have the armorer find a molecule-sized speck of dust somewhere on the weapon--and reject it, which of course led to more hours of misery. My therapist is still struggling to categorize and define my traumatic disorder stemming from those experiences (to no avail). With the numbers of new gun owners these past months (and assuming you can actually find ammo to shoot) there is a down side to shooting. Something no-one talks your weapon. But is doesn't have to be painful. And in fact, cleaning your weapon is a great way to ensure it is in working order, something you could bet your life on.

So today's post will dispense with the usual groin kicking and ankle stomping and address the tedious. How to clean your Glock. If you are a new owner of a Glock, this video is for you. I am cleaning a Glock 19 in the video, but the beauty of Glocks is that they are all the same regardless of calibre. If you already know how to field strip and clean your Glock, do something else because you will never recover the few minutes of your life you spend watching this video. But if it's been a while, or you are not sure, have a gander.


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