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To Carry One in the Chamber or Not...That is the Question...

With so many new gun owners out and about these past couple of years, there is no doubt a range of concealed carriers who possess a range of skills from zero to highly experienced. For new concealed carriers the question of whether or not to walk among mankind with a round in the chamber is a valid concern.

For the experienced carrier, absolutely. But if you are on the learning curve, I would suggest at first just walking among the masses with one out of the chamber as you get used to the feeling of always having a firearm. Meanwhile, hone your skills at the range and imbue the safety rules into your DNA (1. Treat all guns as always loaded; 2. Don't cover anything with your muzzle that you are not willing to destroy; 3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your front site is on an identified target; 4. Know your target, what is around it, what is behind it). Once you are consistently handling a weapon safely; dry firing regularly; practicing your draw; then transition to walking among the masses with one in chamber. That way, when you need it, you will have it.

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