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Fighting From the Ground

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Situational awareness is the skill that will help you avoid 98% of all problems. But even the most guarded among us has moments when we might be caught unawares. Chris Ranck-Buhr, Founder of Injury Dynamics in San Diego teaches that we must always fight from where we find ourselves. The first clue you may have that violence has been visited upon you might be when you are struck and find yourself on the ground. Now what? Time to switch on every violent and protective instinct. Your first target will be "groin, groin, groin". After that take whatever target presents itself. If your strike to the groin is successful, your antagonist will be doubled over. Think of eyes/throat for a subsequent strike. And if you are familiar with attacking the ankle, this is an excellent target after a groin strike. When you attack the ankle, aim for right above the "knob" of his ankle. Cross the top of your shin (just under your knee) on the spot. Form an "X" or a "T" with your leg and his leg and apply pressure. Be sure to finish with your weight on your hands when you practice so as not to break your training partner's ankle. On the street you would put as much weight into the ankle as possible to snap it. #selfdefense; #guardwelldefense; #combatives

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