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Causing Injury - No Different than Learning to Swim?

Why should a sane, civilized person learn how to injure another human being? The answer is simply because knowing how to injure is a life skill akin to swimming... Hear me out...we teach our kids how to swim as early as possible so that the neighbor's pool doesn't pose a threat. It's a life skill. We don't plan on drowning but we teach what to do should you fall into the water. Causing injury falls into the same category. It isn't something we plan on doing, but if we find ourselves in that kind of situation, we will know what to do. The video below is from a Target Focus Training (TFT) podcast from 2015. It features Chris Ranck-Buhr who at the time, was the master instructor for TFT. A couple of years later, Chris left TFT and started Injury Dynamics (ID). The mechanics of TFT and ID are identical. In any event, Chris is a once-in-a-generation type of instructor who can communicate as well as he can execute. In this video, the discussion is largely about women training for violence. He points out that anyone can learn how to injure.


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