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Tried to buy ammunition lately? Ever think of reloading?

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

If you have tried to buy ammo in the past six months you have no doubt been alternatively flabbergasted and exasperated at the lack of ammo of virtually any kind, and the outrageously high price of ammo that usually looks like it was stored in some underground bunker for the past four decades-if you can find it. I thought I might be able to break out of that cycle if I reloaded my own ammo. After hours of stalking various reloading web sites and forums, I decided on the Dillon Precision 750 XL. If you have never reloaded, and gnash teeth when putting Ikea furniture together, and are considering taking the plunge, this video is for you.

Bottom line: Yes the Dillon 750 is a great purchase, but it probably won't work perfectly out of the box; therefore, find yourself a "Jay" who can mentor you through the rough spots (that will make more sense if you see the video.) Be aware however, that components like bullets and small pistol primers are as rare as Bigfoot sightings these days. Nonetheless, if you can find a solution to this, there is something special about being able to fire your own bullets at the range. Take the plunge and Dillon Precision is a quality company with life-time support.

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