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The Speed of Violence

A couple of lessons in this video which illustrates just how quickly violence can occur. Situational awareness. The car was stopped on the road and several feet from the curb-an unusual position. When the door opened and the passenger exited the vehicle, the victim did not seem to notice or look and was thus caught completely by surprise. The thief was more intent on taking the purse attacking her and it looked like she was caught up in the strap. Knowing the targets on the human body and practicing on striking those targets from your back/hands and knees etc is important. But equally important is the ability to turn the switch from hunted to hunter. This makes us uncomfortable in a civil and social context. What separates the sociopath from the good citizen? The sociopath has the will to do the deed and you are just a resource. In the world of survival, we need to fight like a sociopath-he is just a group of targets. Thus when on the mats, visualizer each injury and see each strike through. Practice slowly and make each strike count. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Because in violence, the only thing that matters is the first real injury. Whoever gives it first wins the day.


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