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Situational Awareness

When the sociopath strikes, there can be little warning-but there is almost always some kind of pre-attack indicator. In this clip, a reportedly schizophrenic man stabs a jogger. But split seconds before, watch his body language. The jogger had a warning-minimal, but a warning nonetheless.

The same deranged man then goes down the street. When he approaches the woman, look at how he makes a diagonal bee line towards her from across the side walk. Unfortunately, the woman never registered a threat. Most likely she did not want to believe something bad was about to happen.

Ask yourself how you might react. That option to fight for your life might only be available for fractions of a second. Image how you would react, then practice it on the mats. When an antagonist is holding a weapon, the only good outcome is to turn off his brain--as nothing is more dangerous than. the human brain. What targets would you strike? Get the first injury and work your way from there.

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