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Injury Dynamics Coordination Set for the Saturday Group

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Here is a review of a coordination set we were working on during our Saturday workout. There are a couple of additions including a T-Leverage throw. For the T-Leverage, take your foot and make a "T" behind his while placing your shin against his shin. Your shin will act as a lever as you go into a Horse stance but at the same time you will attack the hip to make him hit his head against the planet. Another variation is for a knee break and in that you will place your shin on his patella. You will pull the foot up and breaking his knee against your shin. For the Saturday group, please note that in this iteration we are striking with the opposite hand. Targets: Eyes; Groin; Kidney; Hip Attack; Stomp Knee; Stomp neck or Clavicle. Shadow box the movements in a slow and continuous flow.

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