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Gear Review: The Haven Lock

Ever try to kick down a door locked with a deadbolt? It's easier than you would think. Anywhere between one and five kicks and you can generally break the door. Haven Lock is a U.S.-made, veteran owned company--which is great. But their claim is that their Haven Lock is 10x stronger than a deadbolt. If you have been on this site for more than five minutes, you know that my family was almost the victim of a home invasion while I was in Afghanistan.

So the idea of a lock that I could install with relatively little effort could be 10x stronger than a deadbolt caught my attention. In this review, we look at the good, bad and ugly of the Haven Lock. The bottom line is that the lock likely lives up to its claim (good); the bad is that it is not as easy to instal as the company would have you think; the ugly? It doesn't look great (kinda ugly), but that is a small price to pay for the security. Would I recommend this lock? Yup. I now own several. Its a good investment for enhancing the security of your home. Be prepared to spend $150 and up per lock.

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