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Your Feet--Place them where it counts!

The internet is replete with examples of violence. From a self-protection standpoint, there is a lot to be learned as an impartial observer. But as sane members of society, watching some of the gut-wrenching displays of violence is difficult. It's hard not to empathize with the person at the losing end of the beating/attack. But I would encourage you to the extent possible, view these lessons with professional detachment, as a medical student might when working with a cadaver for example. Because what the lessons show again and again, is that whoever gets the first injury almost invariably wins. Getting that first injury is hard from arms length, but it is a lot easier when you can engage your body weight into your strike. We do this by stepping through or past the target and keeping the back foot flat. Notice the placement of the feet in these videos.

Example 2.

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