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Your Car is a Weapon, part II--Caught in a Protest

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

You come around the corner and suddenly find yourself in a mob. What to do? At this point it is too late to chide yourself for lack of awareness and knowing where the hot spots are likely to be. You first reaction should be to see if you can back out. Driving through any crowd of people anywhere (outside of an apocalyptic zombie attack) is rarely the correct course of action. Looking at the video below, we can see the driver deciding to drive through the crowd. What can we learn?

  1. Don't drive through a crowd if you can help it.

  2. Once you realized you are being chased, don't stop. Try to drive to a place of authority, like a police station or fire station--which means you should have area familiarization.

  3. This driver stopped when cut off by the truck. This never leads to a favorable outcome. Ramming is a viable option--if you know how (basically aim your car at the wheel axle of the target car and floor the gas. Don't let up after impact but keep it floored until you push through.) Best if practiced under qualified instruction but even if not, then the theoretical is better than nothing. Backing into your target is the same principal. If you don't aim for the wheel axles, you run the risk of getting stuck in the other vehicle.

  4. As some folks pointed out, you run the risk of having your airbags go off. In some vehicles these can be disabled, especially if you think you might have to use this option.

  5. Once the vehicle was being mobbed the driver did the right thing by driving out.

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