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Woman Kidnapped at ATM-Lessons Learned.

People at ATMs are prime targets. It is precisely because their situational awareness is at a low: they are focused on getting their money. This video has some good lessons learned.

  1. The man approaches from behind the car. The first flag.

  2. He then comes around to the driver's side, ostensibly looking at his phone. Second flag.

  3. The woman was compliant, and as a result, taken captive.

  4. In the vast preponderance of cases, if you are taken to a secondary location of the predator's choice, you will at a minimum be assaulted, and statistically, lose your life.

  5. The woman had some split-second choices. She could have floored the car forward or backward the second the man walked up to her car. Once the gun was out, she could have still done the same. It's hard to hit a moving target--especially if the car is moving towards the antagonist. She might have even decided to run off. The chances of him shooting is low, after all, he wants the money and not he attention shooting would bring.

  6. Be aware of your surroundings. Envision possible courses of action before you are faced with a life and death decision. And if it comes down to a fight, do it with everything you have and without mercy.

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