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Whacking the TMJ.

In this video we look at the temporomandibular joint as a target. What the hell is that you ask? The hinge for the jaw, otherwise known as the "TMJ". Hitting someone on the face with your fist poses a risk of breaking a bone in your hand, especially if you miss and hit the forehead. It is common to break the bone in the little finger as illustrated below.

On the other hand, if you use your hammer fist, there is little risk of injury to your hand. Use it to hit the TMJ. In this video we will look at hitting this target with your fist and your elbow. If you want to add a little umph to your strike, incorporate a few minutes of sandbag training into your daily routine.

Remember to step through or past the person when you strike the target. In that way you will bring your body weight to bear.

You can also use the hammer fist to to after the nose, upper lip, collar bones, neck, and groin.

In executing an elbow strike on theTMJ, use the flat part of the elbow.

The point of the elbow can also be effective for attacking a soft target like the solar plexus and eyes.

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