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Staying off the predatory menu in your car.

Updated: Jun 13

We all harbor (or should) the thought that we are vulnerable when we approach and enter our cars. This is the point where many women are assaulted and when car jackings occur. Knowing this, we should be on a higher level of alert when approaching our vehicles. In the attached video example (and without knowing any of the context surrounding it), we can still learn some valuable lessons. For example, things might have turned out differently for this person had he:

1. Examined the area surrounding his car as he approached (its possible he might have noticed suspicious-looking people. Their manner of dress alone should have put him on alert. Profiling? Absolutely.

2. Parked with the front facing out so he would not be surprised from behind.

3. Get in the car and first lock the door; and then start the car.

4. Know how and where to strike a debilitating blow to a human being in a worst case scenario. With that knowledge, at least you have the option.

Overall, he was pretty lucky. Situational awareness will mitigate 98% of potential problems. You can replace a car and getting out of Dodge at the first opportunity was the right thing to do under the circumstances.

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