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Senator Tim Kaine of VA spent 27 hours on the highway, caught in a storm. What would you do?

Updated: Jun 13

The other day in Northern VA, traffic was snarled in a winter storm. Cars were brought to a standstill for over 24 hours. That no one froze to death is nothing short of miraculous, but hundreds of people spent a miserable night on I95 near Fredricksburg (a horrible stretch of highway on even the best of days). Cars ran out of gas as the temperatures dropped, and added to the gridlock. A properly outfitted "Go Bag" in your car can prevent a lot of misery and could even save your life. The Go Bag serves an emergency function. You tailor it dependent on your situation. A Go Bag in a war zone would be kitted out differently than a bag for winter weather in VA. Senator Kaine should have taken a sleeping bag, water, and food--at a minimum--before starting out. Even if you are prepared logistically, you can still fall victim to the poor driving of others and find yourself in a gridlock for hours. In the video below, we will discuss why you should have some kind of Go Bag. In a separate video, we will look at an example of contents.

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