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Protecting Our Children.

In my book "Seconds to Live or Die, Life-saving Lessons from a Former CIA Officer" I included a chapter discussing how to protect our children from predators and children predators. This video serves as a reminder that predators come in all stripes. Most often these types of predators prey on people known to them. But not always. There is still validity to the "stranger/danger" paradigm. Three Disney employees were included in this latest bevy of undercover arrests of child predators.

Some things to consider include monitoring internet usage; educate your children on the dangers of the internet and interactions with others; employ passwords that children should demand if a stranger comes to them saying that "your parents wanted me to pick you up"; have them wear bright clothing

when you go out in public so they are easy to monitor; find that fine line between being polite children and knowing when it is ok to be rude; and what to do if someone makes them feel uncomfortable; when you go out in public, pick a rally point should you get separated; when you go out in public together and enter a store, ask them "where would we go if a bad guy came into the store with a gun" to identify the emergency exits; if anyone threatens to kill your parents if you tell, by all means tell; conduct drills at home on where to go in the event of a home invasion and how to call 911. And the list goes on. Sheriff Judd has some good suggestions at the end of the brief regarding cell phones and internet usage as well.

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