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Gear Review: Black Triangle Group & Inglorious Amateurs--the Donovan Knife

Black Triangle Group and Inglorious Amateurs got together and put out the Donovan Knife. Only it is not a knife in the purest sense of word as there is no sharp edge; rather, it is made

with layers of glass sheets with epoxy resin (if I understand that correctly). The end result is that they have created a formidable penetrating tool. Slashes look horrible, but penetrating wounds are lethal as the instrument penetrates internal organs. The companies, as well as the resin material, were new to me.

The Donovan Knife shape supposedly gets its shape from the Fairbairn-Sykes dagger design of WWII--which in my mind, is a bit of a marketing stretch. Nonetheless, it is a lightweight penetrating tool that is conducive to penetrating the target due to its blade design. I'm not sure how it would penetrate through winter clothing, but as you can see from the video, it wreaked havoc on my pumpkin in the tree. No doubt it would do the same against soft targets on the human body.

The kydex sheath was less than ideal. The clip works well with an in-the-waistband carry, and the sheath cants a bit which adds to comfort. My problem with the sheath, that when the knife is in the waistband, it is a bit difficult for my hand to gain purchase on the handle during the draw. That said, like most weapons, practice makes perfect, so if this were an every day carry item, I would practice enough to be comfortable with it. It is certainly lightweight--lighter than steel and the point is designed to penetrate--which it does fairly easily. In the ideal, brutal knife world, I would prefer a blade that penetrates and cuts for every day carry--that generally requires more investment (check out my review of the Rat Training Package by Headhunter Blades for example). If you are looking for something that is light, effective for an emergency, and available at a reasonable cost, the Donovan Knife may be a for you.

Thanks Chris!

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