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First, Win the Fight...Then, Render (self) Aid.

Hard to define and hard to put into words. But, it's the will to not give up. Teach yourself to first, win the fight. Then, render aid. Easier said than done if you are the one who is hit and alone.

But today we will look at one such example. With respect and humility, the goal of these videos is to learn "what worked" and not point out how "the strong man stumbled or the doer of deeds could have done them better."

In this instance, the element of surprise initially worked for the suspect. The police officer however, stayed in the fight and, ultimately prevailed. He then rendered his own first aid by having a tourniquet on his person and not in his patrol car (as it rolled past him). Preparation and forethought--combined with the will to win--carried the day.

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