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Beating Down Armageddon

Updated: Jun 13

Pandemics, social unrest, and now impending doom out of Europe. Every news cycle would have us believing Armageddon is just around the corner. "Winter of death," nuclear preparedness, WWIII. The average snow storm is now billed as a "super arctic blast", but lest you get too worried about that, remember that global warming is about to kill us all. And everybody and everything is racist. If you listen to social media and the news with any regularity, consider yourself lucky if you are not walking around in a depressive funk.

So what can a person do? First, watch social media and the news less often...but then, focus on what you can change and influence. For most of us, that is our ability to project a positive, sane outlook for ourselves and our families.

So how to beat down Armageddon? Some things to focus on include:

  1. Firearms training (NRA, USCCA).

  2. Blades and improvised weapons training (Libre Knife Fighting is excellent.)

  3. Any kind of martial art (they are not all equal, but almost anything is better than nothing. (Injury Dynamics in San Diego would be my first choice; Krav Maga; some traditional styles depending on the teacher.)

  4. Enhancing your home defenses with cameras, sensors, and locks; safe rooms; family drills (Ring Cameras; Haven Locks).

  5. First aid training. Knowing how to stop a bleed, splint an appendage, and help a choking victim are good starting points. For kids, knowing how to call 911 and what to say is important too. (We are working on some videos for kids).

  6. Consider investing in a generator for power outages (we are very happy with our Generac).

  7. Make sure you have food too last several months in a pinch.

  8. Know when to ramp up your situational awareness (not all of the time, or you might find yourself in therapy for paranoia). Listen to your instincts and go ahead and profile--it works.

  9. Exercise--you can't do any of these things well if you are bedridden or in poor health.

  10. Have a hobby.

  11. Get a dog/pet (and if its a German Shepherd, get a Dyson vacuum or two)!

  12. A spiritual framework provides a basis for living well. There are "no atheists in a foxhole" as the saying goes.

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