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At What Age Should A Child Learn First Aid?

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I posted a video of our kids having some fun learning first aid. Specifically, how to apply a bandage over a wound and apply a tourniquet. We practiced

a bit and then for a final "test", I went into another room and used moulage (fake wound made of plastic) on my leg and applied some fake blood to add a tad of pressure and realism--all while trying to keep the training fun (and thereby, obviating a need to take them to the child psychologist after the training). The children are aged 6, 9, and 12. They all did fine and worked through the pressure of the moment to emerge more confident in their abilities.

My good friend Roddy, a man of many decades of experience in the military and at CIA, saw the video, and after brainstorming a bit, we are considering putting together a video series geared towards kids/teens with some opportunities for live training in the Richmond-Williamsburg-Newport News areas of Virginia. Go to any book store and you can find books on first aid--no problem. However, about the only ones geared for children are in Scouting. The Scouting references are pretty good, but it's one thing to read about first aid and quite another to see it and to do first aid in a live setting. What we would bring to the table is a more practical look at first aid for children/teens (and any interested adults) that covers a wide range of topics from how to make a 911 call from an iPhone/Android; gun safety; how to put together a first aid kit; a modified version of combat medicine (made fun) that focuses more on traumatic injuries than most other references. Training for teens would be more...intense (but still fun), than for younger children.

As we are still sitting in the lotus position and contemplating all of this. We would certainly welcome any opinions on this potential venture. In my house, we do this as a matter of course (I guess we are just whacky that way). If you think this would be a worthwhile endeavor for children/teens, please let me know. Feel free to comment via email (, on the Guard Well Face Book page, or via SMS to 757 506-1936. Thank you!

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