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Are Your Kids Prepared for the 78%?

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

In 2020, about 156,000 preventable deaths--or 78% of injury-related deaths--took place in the home in the United States. The major cause of deaths and injuries involved falls. If you have children in the home, there is a good chance they could become first responders. Would they know how to handle a broken bone or a serious bleed? Could they help a choking victim?

How about your teens? Could you? As a matter of course, I teach my children these skill sets. In doing so, I came to realize that while there are various first aid course available through Scouting or the Red Cross, etc., I could not find any that specifically covered serious first aid problem sets that taught children in an engaging manner. That's where Roddy comes in.

Roddy is also a retired CIA operations officer. He was also a physician's assistant in the Air Force Reserve. Aside from having broken almost every bone in his body (making him somewhat a medical marvel in his own right), he has put his medical skills to the test throughout a long and storied career. And so we got together and put together a series of videos teaching first aid. Our target audience is children aged 6 and up. But these videos are appropriate for teens, and frankly, even though I have had the privilege of taking various medical courses throughout my career, I always learn something, or reinforce a forgotten concept when I hear Roddy teach.

We have three videos so far in the series that are available on the website (for a modest rental or purchase fee). And there are more in the works. There will be some limted live training seminars in the Williamsburg area as well. The videos are hopefully entertaining and fun as much as they are informative. The below video is the trailer for the series. Please feel free to send any comments or inquiries.

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