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The Primal Blade

"When a man picks up a knife, there's an old memory from the collective unconscious that surfaces. A knife is an atavistic experience. It was man's first tool and weapon. Man was chipping flint into cutting edges before he invented the wheel. No matter how sophisticated we become, a knife takes us back to the cave." — Bob Loveless, knifemaker.

A knife strikes a primal chord within the human psyche. It is close and personal and unless your targeting is spot on, it will require multiple attacks. Lots of people carry a knife and far fewer are prepared to use one. Fewer yet are those who know how to employ one.

At Guard Well Defense, we train to use a knife offensively and for the most part follow the teachings of Scott Babb and his Libre Knife Fighting system with some borrowed targeting from Sayoc Kali.

For the average good citizen, using a knife offensively is repugnant to contemplate. But knowing how is a part of our self-protection repertoire. Better to practice 500 times on the mats and never use it than to find yourself in a life or death situation and wonder how you should use it. Learn more from our video "Blades and Improvised Weapons."

About Bob Loveless: The primary style of knife made by Loveless was the fighting knife and he is considered to be the first maker to produce what is known as a

tactical knife. However, Loveless refused to sell a customer one of his fighting knives unless the buyer could provide either police or military identification and could require a knife as a weapon. Loveless made knives for use by US Army Special Forces and theCIA. One such knife was the size and shape of a pocket comb and fit inside a passport case. When the case was thrown, the blade cut through the case and sliced into whatever it hit.

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