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Easy Prey Podcast

If you have not heard it, I recommend the Easy Prey podcast by Chris Parker. The podcast covers a wide range of issues related to NOT becoming a victim. I am probably among the least interesting guests on the show.

Here we were discussing subjects related to my book, "Seconds to Live or Die, Life-saving Lessons from a former CIA officer." BTW, the book is now available as an audio book on Amazon so you can do something important while listening to a professional sounding voice read it in the background... The link to the podcast is here.

  • [3:46] – Using security cameras that he can access on his phone, Robert shares the story of seeing people on his property while he was in Afghanistan.

  • [7:29] – Through this experience, Robert realized why his wife was able to stay calm in the moment.

  • [10:13] – Referencing Chris’s website and podcast, Robert explains the common scams that he has seen come up.

  • [11:26] – “If you find yourself in a fair fight, you didn’t plan properly.”

  • [12:27] – There is a correlation between your heart rate and ability to control fine motor skills.

  • [14:12] – Controlling your breathing is the key to lowering your heart rate.

  • [16:37] – Practicing breathing in non-stressful situations can help you in the moment.

  • [18:18] – Chris shares a story that connects to the discussion on adrenaline and fear.

  • [19:51] – You cannot be alert all the time. Being hyper alert can lead to PTSD and often does in members of the military.

  • [23:23] – With situational awareness, you have to stay level headed and make decisions quickly.

  • [24:51] – It is okay to “be rude” if you feel uncomfortable.

  • [27:10] – There are many signals you may notice if approached by a predator.

  • [28:13] – A common situation many people find themselves in is walking or jogging outside with headphones on. This affects their awareness.

  • [31:46] – Situational awareness will mitigate many problems.

  • [32:47] – Robert gives some tips on what to do when beginning to travel again, especially overseas.

  • [35:21] – Maintaining a lower profile to lessen your chances to be targeted for crimes as a tourist can be challenging, but Robert gives advice.

  • [36:28] – Edson Tiger offers an excellent online course for training for travel.

  • [38:27] – Paper copies of things are important in case things are lost.

  • [39:54] – Every citizen should learn the basics of first aid.

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