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Lyft Driver Fights Back

Car jackings seem to be a part of the growing trend of crimes in American cities these days. The tactic used in today's video is the car jacker worked with a partner and they bumped the target vehicle which caused the victim to pull over in order to exchange insurance data and look at the damage.

Only when he did, one of the the perps exhibited a long gun and car jacked his vehicle. One way to prepare for this is that you have to assess the vehicle that bumped you. Two males should raise alarm bells and maybe stopping isn't worth it (in this example, the victim was bumped twice--which definitely should have raised alarm bells). If you think it is worth pulling over, then consider driving to known locations that should be safer to pull over, like police and fire stations.

In this video however, the victim had a concealed carry permit and waited until opportunity presented itself--then executed an ambush of his own. The outcome was very satisfying as he shot both perps, but I wonder how some shark of a defense lawyer might argue that the perps no longer presented a threat when the victim chose to counter-ambush. What do you think?

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Maybe it depends on the jurisdiction, but I would expect legal trouble for the Lyft driver.

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